An old soul trapped in the young body of a girl named Anisa Mohamed who’s living in the heart of Canada. This is presumably just another blog to most of you, if not all. But what I think I can bring or add to the table is a different outlook on the way we as young women and men as well see life, people,places, and things. I would like to shine a light on a few topics that are near and dear to my heart. Share my point of view on various topics/or discussions. Encourage other young women out there to better themselves, love themselves, respect themselves, accept themselves, empower themselves and EMPOWER EACH OTHER. Give and be that advisor for those who do not have someone to seek it from. Give readers content to ponder and think about. Particularly topics that society, peers and our surroundings try to sweep under the rug. Most of all I just want others to come to my blog and just feel safe and comfortable. Connect with me on a deeper level. Contact me and feel like they have a friend in me. All images, writing and poems are written and made by me.

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