July 25, 2018


“Life isn’t about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself”

I feel like when you’re in your 20s there’s this reoccurring line we all say right after either a night of reflecting on your life and where you are at and becoming unsatisfied with your findings. Or after something happens to us, an event, a loss, a roadblock, whatever it might be. We say…. well maybe I need to “find myself”

I myself have been guilty of saying this too. Especially after something happens in my life.

As soon as something happens, I’ve always been so quick to be like welp… time to go on this journey of “finding myself”. And it wasn’t until I sat and thought well okay… how do I find myself?

Where does one start?

Where does one go?

What exactly am I looking for even….? 

This more deluxe and superior version to the one I am now? Someone more intelligent? Someone more successful? Someone more strong? Someone more productive?

Is that what I’m hoping to find? Will the universe somehow work its little magic and I’ll wake up one day as the new and improved version of myself and say… boy I’m so happy I found myself?  The idea just sounds too far fetched.

Then I thought to myself well how am I looking for myself when I already know myself? 

I think for the mass majority of us, we all know or at least get a sense of who we are. Unless your an adolescent or toddler, we all pretty much know who we are right? I know for myself, I’m very hard-headed. I over think the slightest thing. Patience? not even in my vocabulary. I’m very emotional, literally, anything can get to me. I will not drink anything if it’s not Caffeinated like lol never. So do I not know myself? Or at least get an idea of who I am? So what exactly am I looking for or hoping to find? 

Because when we say were “finding” ourselves it’s us not being happy with what we’ve found, our findings being ourselves. So we are now on a quest to find what? Someone or something that’s “better”. Someone who we were always “destined” to be, but just needed to find so we can look back a year or two or even 10 down the line and be like… ” I think I’ve found myself”. 

When in reality you will NEVER find yourself. Because when you say you’re “finding yourself”you’re saying that it already exists. When in actuality “yourself” is constantly changing. I myself feel like every year I evolve and change as time progresses and things happen. So “myself” or more so what I’m looking for simply does not exist. That entity or being that Im waiting to come to find me or suddenly become, does not exist.

So let’s say I did “find myself” the second I get disappointed or unhappy with where I’m at or who I am, or I’m not where I wanted or imagined myself to be, do I go on another quest?

Do I wait around to find the person I was destined to be again? You are always going to change my friend. And if you wait around hoping to suddenly wake up or find something you’ll be very disappointed with the outcome.

So why wait around or go on this journey to find the unknown when in reality… you and I have all the power to CREATE the person who we WANT to be.

“Because life is not about finding yourself folks, it’s about creating yourself.”

Because honestly, we all deep down know who we are. We know ourselves for all our good. Our bad. Our dark. Our little quirks. Our habits. Our hearts. Our Souls. We know that whether some of us want to admit it or not. And if we wait around for the universe to hand us something that is the “ourselves that we just needed to find”, we’re giving our power up. When in reality the only person that should and has the power is ourselves. 

We have the power to create the life we want to live. We have power of creating new habits. Creating new hobbies. Adapting healthier lifestyles. Embedding new characteristics into ourselves. Creating pathways to reaching our goals. And setting the platform on what those goals even are lol.

We have the power.

It’s not about magically finding these things. It’s about creating those realities we want and then using ourselves as the blueprint to lead us to where we want to go. Not waiting on the universe to magically land you right where you were always “destined to be” being the person you were always looking to “find”. Because we are our own map to where we want to go.

We need to truly look at firstly, where we want to go, do or be. Looking at ourselves bare, raw and uncut and see areas we believe can either help us or set us back to or away from getting to where we want to be. And setting the stepping stones in that direction. You, my friend, are your own blueprint. You don’t need to wait around or find anything. Your journey to where you want to go is and starts with yourself. 

Life will never be about finding yourself, or else we’ll be waiting around forever. Because life will throw us curve balls throughout our whole journey here on earth and every time it does it’ll call for us to what? Go on another self-discovering journey of “finding ourselves”. Lol no. We need to be proactive and create the life we want. Because we’ve already found ourselves. We know who we are. We just need to create the trails to where we want to go using the map that is us. You are your own map.

Now ask yourself… where is it that you want to go? 

Create those stepping stones because again, you already got the map you need to use, to get to where you want to be. 

You want to excel in your studies? adapt more habits and tips into your studies to help you achieve the grades you want to have.

Having a hard time with procrastination? grab yourself a planner and start creating deadlines for yourself.

Want to be more of an active person? look online to see any local yoga classes available or soul cycling session. 

Whoever you want to be or whatever you want to do in life, you can do that.

You just have to use the blueprint that is yourself and create the pathway to lead you to where you want to go.

So I’ll ask again, where do you want to go?

“Life is not about finding yourself, its about creating yourself?