Soaking In The Now

February 5th, 2016


“Wait! Let me take a video of this for my Snapchat”

I love snap chat. Kind of a random start to this blog post. However, I do. I have had it for over two years now, and I love it. It is the place where I can genuinely be my weird authentic self. I can send my friends goofy pictures and videos. I can post/share all the makeup products I am loving, tell everyone my thoughts and opinions on certain things, capture cool moments so my friends and family can also see it, etc. It is amazing to see what people are up to and doing. Connect to them on a more personal level. However, when it comes to the point where every time you cross the street your snap chatting, someone says a funny joking you snap chat them/ the moment, you’re at a concert your snap chatting nearly the entire thing (thanks for saving me hundreds of dollars!), your out with a couple of friends to dinner or a movie you pretty much documented every little thing you have done. Right down to the places, the food, the jokes, the laughs, the EVERYTHING. Is it like wow really? If your too busy recording and capturing the moment to show everyone else what your doing/ or what is happening are you actually living in the moment? I always wonder. Are you actually residing at the moment? Alternatively, are you just too busy recording and on your phone to enjoy and soak at the moment.

A good friend of mine said to me recently, “You know what bothers me?”… I asked her what does? She replied with this, “if everyone is busy recording and snap chatting everything are they truly living in the moment? Alternatively, are they distracted by wanting to show people what they are doing, who they are with, and where they are? Why can’t people just put down their cellphones and just soak in the now?” I looked at her like hmmm…. that is true. I have not really been much of an active snap chatter in the past but that does not make me blind to the fact that she is right, people are constantly snap chatting everything. If I log into snap chat right now and check out all the latest stories I could pretty much tell you everyone’s day and exactly what they did today, where they went, who they were with, what jokes were being said, even what they ate! How creepy is that? You can thank snap chat for that people. I understand though trust me. I have my fair share of posting my occasionally day to day adventures it is fun but comes on every day? Every time you are out with friends? At an event? If you really think about it. Is it like it is kind of distracting you from really living in the moment right? Some of you guys might say “oh that is fine, its called just capturing, so you could look back on them” and yes! I totally agree! It is great to capture it to look back and remember the moment but when the capturing is taking away from the living …….

Snapchat is not the only killer of the moment. Its social media in general! Heck, it is the entire cellphone as a whole really. We live in a generation that is so much more different than the ones before us. One of the biggest differentiation’s is social media. Social media is fairly a new thing I would say. Snapchats pretty new, Instagram is not too far ahead, vine as well, and the hundreds of other social media networkings that are out there. It feels like a new one comes out every year! Everyone wants to tweet out where there going. Then record the outing on snap chat. After taking pictures so they can post it later on to Instagram to show others the outfit they wore. Then lastly come home and share on twitter how amazing you night went, and repeat! Wow. I wonder what your day/or night was like in-between all that ‘do this and do that’, ‘post this and post that’! Can’t be much since all you really did was record and post right? Lol, can you even tell me what you and your friend were even talking about? Can you not? Hmmm.. maybe you should check your story? Your bound to find your entire conversation somewhere among that thousand second story you posted. It is crazy how one little device can take away such precious moments. Moments that make life worth living. They are simply precious. Too precious to not be wasted on things as little as ‘Snapchat’. Social media and that cell phone of yours are actually distracting you. Moreover, taking away such precious moments right away from you. If it is not snap chat distracting you, it is the amount of selfies that you are taking it. If it is not that, it is the Instagram browsing. Alternatively, the twitter timeline is scrolling. Moreover, the ongoing texts from others. Why don’t you just put down you cell phone? Show some respect to the person/or people that you are with and just engage in a conversation with them. Why even spend money on a dinner and the hassle of routing to the restaurant to only just ignore one another and be on your cellular device and only acknowledge each other when you want to show them a picture or something you found online! Ha! Crazy. That tweet will still be there in a few hours. The people that are texting/ or calling you can live a few hours without you.. trust me. You can view the natural lip singing girls on snap chat’s story later! The video of her lip singing to the usual Bryson Tiller will most likely still be up in a few hours for you to view it then! Moreover, if you miss her snap chat story, it is totally fine. Trust me she will be back tomorrow with a similar one, only, this time, it is with Tory Lanez instead of Bryson Tiller lol.

I would have loved to live in the generations before us where cell phones did not exist. Where everyone would just go out and actually talk to each other instead of burying their snouts in their devices. Where people are at concerts actually enjoying themselves and watching their favorite artists instead of half watching on one hand and recording on the other. You could literally go to a concert right now and look out in the crowd and see hundreds of thousands of people all with a cellular device raised high on record! Hmmm… defiantly sounds and looks like people who totally enjoyed and lived in the moment to me. They so did not just pay hundreds of dollars only to be too busy actually to enjoy themselves instead of recording it so others can see it too. Hey.. at least the people on your snap chat got to witness the entire show all for the price of you free .99!

What I am trying to get at from this whole thing is that we need to start living in the now. You are sitting there smiling and laughing while recording every single second is not you living in the moment. It is seriously like some of you lot are in a vegetable state.. state in which your bodies here but your minds elsewhere. Your half here and half god knows where.

Live in the moment instead of capturing the moment. It is two very different things. I want to be able to look back 30 years from now and remember all the amazing times I had when I was younger instead of looking back to only remember all the moments I spent being distracted by trying to capture it instead of soaking it up and living in it. I love living in the moment. I love laughing. I love smiling. I just simply love life. Moreover, I am not going to waste a single moment of it!